Blue Cross Benefit plan rate changes, effective January 1, 2022


REMINDER Blue Cross Benefit plan rate changes, effective January 1, 2022

The Health Spending Account (HSA) will be terminated December 31, 2021.

 All claims for allowable expenses incurred prior to the termination date (2021 receipts) will need to be submitted within 30 days following December 31, 2021 (deadline January 30, 2022).



Effective January 1, 2022

Single $17.00 per pay period ($34.00 per month) ($408.00 per year)
Couple $34.00 per pay period ($68.00 per month) ($816.00 per year)
Family $47.60 per pay period ($95.20 per month) ($1,142.40 per year)

If you have additional questions, please email the CUPE 59 office @ for forwarding to the Blue Cross Committee members.

In Solidarity,

The Blue Cross Committee


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Dec 20th – 25th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Monday December 20
Myrna Robinson Community Services
Isagani Supanga Corporate Financial Services
Bryce Braaten Events
Michelle Wolfe Community Services
Cheryl Zalys Community Services
David Dasiuk Community Services
Elan Ballantyne Community Services
Rashel Gervais Community Services
Brady Witt Operations
Tyler Henry Community Services
Richard Huber Utilities and Environment
Erin Heffernan Finance
Myra Roschuk Community Services
Maureen Lovegrove Utilities and Environment
Deckard South Community Services
Benazeer Abbas Transportation and Construction
William McLean Operations
Jeff White Community Services
Derek Nase Utilities and Environment
Nicole Michel Community Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Connor Raccio Operations
Kimberly Rudd Utilities and Environment
$50 Co-op Gift Card Tuesday December 21
Drew Hoium Utilities and Environment
Karen Blondin Community Services
Dylan Kvinlaug Community Services
Jason Lengyel Community Services
Samantha Semenoff Utilities and Environment
Carolyn Hyshka Support Services
Lorna Derry-Mitchell Events
Lorenzo Pizarro Community Services
Dorothy Doucette Strategy and Transformation
Romeo Nkunzimana Corporate Financial Services
Austin Epp Operations
Chiung-Yu Huang Corporate Financial Services
David Hyshka Community Services
Trevor Tumach Community Services
Cordell Anderson Community Services
Marian Anweiler Corporate Financial Services
Nolan Ramler Community Services
Snezana Jablan Strategy and Transformation
Dustin Been Transportation and Construction
Jaime L’Heureux Corporate Financial Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Kaitlin Wong Programs and Curation
Cameron McKay Programs and Curation
$50 Co-op Gift Card Wednesday December 22
Abebe Tufa Utilities and Environment
Christopher Herreria Corporate Financial Services
Elizabeth Kichula Finance and Ticketing
Barbara Ludwig Corporate Financial Services
Valentyna Pshenyshna Utilities and Environment
Darren Spelay Community Services
Randy Karol Corporate Financial Services
Luke Lieffers Strategy and Transformation
Kent Hyde Transportation and Construction
Marlee Slaney City Clerk’s Office
Jonathan Snell Utilities and Environment
Tonya Bergen Community Services
Richard Bouvier Utilities and Environment
Matthew Nagy Community Services
Kristina Folkersen Transportation and Construction
D. Colleen Leavitt Corporate Financial Services
Stephenie Kayseas Utilities and Environment
Michael Musty Utilities and Environment
Nikolai Kinzel-Cadrin Community Services
Wilfredo Rodriguez Community Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Danielle Schaefer Utilities and Environment
Travis Hartman Transportation and Construction
$50 Co-op Gift Card Thursday December 23
Blaire Prima Community Services
Megan Heinbigner Community Services
Diana Jia Support Services
Matthew Jacoby Community Services
Derrick Francis Transportation and Construction
Owen Beasse Community Services
Chelsea Cline Community Services
Christy Stobbs Corporate Financial Services
Martin Glynn Utilities and Environment
Mitchell Nemeth Support Services
Luis Ramos Utilities and Environment
Mason Beaulieu Community Services
Allan Ross Strategy and Transformation
Gregory Metanchuk Community Services
Hannah Pasloski Community Services
Sherry McIntosh Community Services
John Goss Community Services
Toni McVicar Transportation and Construction
Twyla Gibbs Corporate Financial Services
Alix Gowan Programs and Curation
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Crystal Tew Events
Leon Brown Community Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Friday December 24
Mitchell Buell Community Services
Kazee Neepo Utilities and Environment
Kristy Papagianis Community Services
Tanner Halonen Community Services
Justin Wurmlinger Corporate Financial Services
Becky Busch Support Services
Norma Piska Community Services
Heather Jamison Events
Manjoo Tikoo Community Services
Shelby Rushing Community Services
Kaitlyn Bouchard Community Services
Sabine Dukate Community Services
Chad Wawryk Transportation and Construction
Erica Melo Utilities and Environment
Mandy Hayes Community Services
Rick Barrack Community Services
Caleb Capustin Community Services
Benjamin Kornelsen Community Services
Tim Pilot Corporate Financial Services
Ethan McFarlene Utilities and Environment
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Remedios Bago Utilities and Environment
Amy Harnestone Support Services
$500 Visa Gift Card Saturday December 25
Tammy Kinnee Events
Sophia Herman Community Services
Ashley Kolenich Strategy and Transformation
Andrew Hunt Strategy and Transformation
Christopher Glen Transportation and Construction
Taylor Baerg Community Services
Jennifer Dawe Corporate Financial Services
David Niedzielski Saskatoon Fire


Dec 18th – 19th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Saturday December 18
Amanda Gustafson Community Services
Josh Lemke Events
Shaw Dunn Community Services
Terri Smith Community Services
Kyle Macdonald Community Services
Efemena Agbaragu Strategy and Transformation
Sarah Radke Strategy and Transformation
Debbie Aldous-Ibbitson Marketing
Kevin Simpson Strategy and Transformation
Michael Wagner Utilities and Environment
Albert Leduc Strategy and Transformation
Dylan Carlson Strategy and Transformation
Loriann Graff Utilities and Environment
Nicholas Horvath Community Services
Suk Ghaley Community Services
Brittany Bakensztos Support Services
Caroline Grisdale Community Services
William Hus Community Services
Bogumila Pfeil Support Services
Ali Mastoor Utilities and Environment
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Linsey Slorstad Community Services
Angelique Justiniani Corporate Financial Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Sunday December 19
Diane Prokop Community Services
Stanley Odoka Strategy and Transformation
Tanda Daughton Utilities and Environment
Deza-Ray Cummins Utilities and Environment
Michelle Trimble Finance and Ticketing
Arthur Neufeld Strategy and Transformation
Lisa McLeod Support Services
Colin Gibson Community Services
Darcy Rose Operations
Natalie Earl Community Services
Caleb Dueck Programs and Curation
Rhonda Sader Community Services
Michael Becker Utilities and Environment
Cindy Cooke Community Services
Kobe Kindrachuk Community Services
Marlin Cannam Utilities and Environment
Gary Kelley Community Services
Janice Lasuita Community Services
Lynn Piche Support Services
George Voulgaris Transportation and Construction
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Malcolm Scott Utilities and Environment
Wilfred Magkasi Community Services


Dec 17th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Friday December 17
Genesis Schorr Transportation and Construction
Wayne Kuntz Transportation and Construction
Raymundo Yamat Utilities and Environment
Johanna de Wit Community Services
Jaimee Cuizon Finance and Operations
Ivan Turgeon Transportation and Construction
Kay Roberts Community Services
Karen Paz Utilities and Environment
Elivie Reclusado Utilities and Environment
Elesha Samaraweera Community Services
Corey Shepherd Utilities and Environment
Kathryn Sarauer Events
Theresa Caidlang Utilities and Environment
Rosalino Morante Utilities and Environment
Hualin Li Utilities and Environment
Taylor Zimmerman Utilities and Environment
Jason Hosaluk Programs and Curation
Mary Joy Pineda Community Services
Donald Glen McCallum Community Services
Son Tran Transportation and Construction
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
King Melchor Daligdig Operations
Danika Dornan Operations


Dec 16th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Thursday December 16
Jade Duncan Community Services
Lori Giles Events
Alysha King Community Services
Claudia Keewatin Corporate Financial Services
Tong Ye Corporate Financial Services
Alan Skene Transportation and Construction
David Schultenkamper Community Services
Tanya Boechler Community Services
Paije Lidster Support Services
Guy Beatty Community Services
Ben Guest Community Services
Grant Wickman Operations
Karen Sofiak Corporate Financial Services
Brent Anderson Utilities and Environment
Stephanie McCallum Support Services
Eric Fisher Community Services
Courtney Thiessen Community Services
Pamela Krzak Human Resources
Elisabeth Miller Community Services
Jacob Semko Programs and Curation
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Jordan Banman Community Services
Randall McDonald Strategy and Transformation


Dec 14th – 15th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Tuesday December 14
Lorraine Pepin Utilities and Environment
Myrna Rennie Strategy and Transformation
Fraser Grant Community Services
Cerwin De Sotto Community Services
Melissa Bruce Community Services
Chad Thomson Utilities and Environment
Ashley Boyer Support Services
Mary Jane Uy Utilities and Environment
Karen Farmer Support Services
Paula Johnston Corporate Financial Services
Steven Swanson Utilities and Environment
Douglas Drader Community Services
Ruth Werner Support Services
Jamie Snider Operations
Jessica Kuzyk Community Services
Joemarie Cortes Corporate Financial Services
Kimberly Simon Finance and Ticketing
William Emery Strategy and Transformation
Shamima Mukti Utilities and Environment
Lindsay Schultz Operations
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Brant Morrow Community Services
Brooke Dobko Community Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Wednesday December 15
El Nino Anthony Coralde Operations
Jarret Mosterd Transportation and Construction
Tracy Martin Utilities and Environment
Anastasia Conly Community Services
Lawrence Laliberte Community Services
Pamela Fisher Community Services
Leanne Christianson Transportation and Construction
Nancy Gauthier Strategy and Transformation
Tim Delaney Events
Kyle Dempster Transportation and Construction
Lesley Severson Utilities and Environment
Ray Tabalbag Operations
Rachel Henry Corporate Financial Services
Toni Roque Community Services
Laurel Boerma Programs and Curation
Dylan Koshman Community Services
Li Zhang Community Services
Deborah Androsoff City Manager’s Office
Destin Astrope Strategy and Transformation
Philip Dobrohoczki Transportation and Construction
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Cindy LaBrash Events
Erin McFarland Community Services


Dec 10th – 13th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Friday December 10
Dustin Wessel Community Services
Joydee Echiverri Utilities and Environment
Dean Friske Community Services
James Nelson Community Services
Rudolfo Jr Caidlang Utilities and Environment
Guy Sveinbjornson Utilities and Environment
Bruce Duquette Community Services
Tracy Thiemann Finance and Ticketing
Jekoby Carr Community Services
Cara Mazurak City Clerk’s Office
Devon Hanofski Programs and Curation
Tatyanna Leschinski Utilities and Environment
Hunter McAlear Community Services
Ahmad Alkoragaty Strategy and Transformation
Aaron Atkinson Support Services
Emily Neudorf Community Services
Stephanie Nicol Community Services
Nathan Lumsden Community Services
Amanda Listoe Community Services
Dean Grieman Community Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Maedeh Tizhoosh Community Services
Sandra Ebner Transportation and Construction
$50 Co-op Gift Card Saturday December 11
Darryl Lucyshyn Community Services
Michael Crabb Community Services
Rochelle Ostendorf Community Services
Chris Fischer Utilities and Environment
Zackary St.Louis Community Services
David Wohlberg Strategy and Transformation
Dale Schell Community Services
Teketay Zenebe Utilities and Environment
Kelsi Pelech Community Services
Robin Adair Programs and Curation
Tallon Ruston Corporate Financial Services
Larry Kirkham Utilities and Environment
Tomas Johnsgaard Support Services
Deborah Haney Events
Mark Allard Operations
Alicia Worm-Littlewolfe Community Services
Daniel Lacroix Strategy and Transformation
Nathan Abbs Community Services
Jasmine Grovestine Transportation and Construction
Vanessa Champagne Community Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Jonathan Blanchet Community Services
Jivjot Braich Corporate Financial Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Sunday December 12
Jade Hirsch Community Services
Lu-meng (Raymond) Mai Operations
Steve Barss Support Services
Rhonda Rioux City Clerk’s Office
Diego Juarez Support Services
Keegan Gyoba Transportation and Construction
Karin Proctor Community Services
Michou Edwards Community Services
Denny Busby Transportation and Construction
Jennifer Michell Operations
Carol Ritchie Strategy and Transformation
Jace McKerlie Events
Natasha Uhryn Community Services
Adrianna Stein Community Services
Tyson Kolla Transportation and Construction
Jeffrey Bueckert Corporate Financial Services
Yan Feng Corporate Financial Services
Heike Fink Programs and Curation
Mark Kerr Community Services
Vincent Morris Community Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Kenneth Weddige Community Services
Shawn Grimes Community Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Monday December 13
Martina Egland Strategy and Transformation
Tehalen Riffel Community Services
Belinda Krozser Corporate Financial Services
Chelsie Schafer Community Services
Jiang Wu Transportation and Construction
Calvin Elder Utilities and Environment
Jaclyn Brears Support Services
Iqra Khan Marketing
Chuck Petten Operations
Bryce Taylor Community Services
Melvin Bustamante Utilities and Environment
Ryan Ottenbreit Strategy and Transformation
Saydi Harlton Community Services
Jamie Shebelski Marketing
Sara Worth Support Services
Joshua Grieve Community Services
Della Breton Corporate Financial Services
Jillian Cyca Programs and Curation
Brittney Charko Events
Julie Bechard Corporate Financial Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Brayden Anderson Utilities and Environment
Morgan Huebert Operations


Dec 8th and 9th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Wednesday December 8
Joao Carlos Page Utilities and Environment
Jerry Cox Utilities and Environment
Ryan Dimen Community Services
Twila Diederichs Corporate Financial Services
David Wright Utilities and Environment
Kristen Christensen Community Services
Anita Lepard Community Services
Jessie McTavish Support Services
Colten Barker Operations
Isaac Haughn Community Services
Ryan Klatt Community Services
James Boswell Community Services
Sarah Binnie Community Services
Jiayu Zhang Corporate Financial Services
Blair Torgerson Operations
Sara Ormerod Events
Frank Posteraro Community Services
Amy Manske Community Services
Jonathon Stradeski Marketing
Millia Shiffman Community Services
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Emily Belliveau Community Services
Brenda Landell Community Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Thursday December 9
Keith Saccucci Transportation and Construction
Brenda Voth Support Services
Savannah Cherniwchan Community Services
Christine Davis Corporate Financial Services
Troy Gronsdahl Programs and Curation
Tyler Wickett Community Services
Kevin Ariss Community Services
Nicole Gendron City Clerk’s Office
Shelley Parent Operations
Chelsea Scott Events
Rebecca Stott Corporate Financial Services
Alexander Ndulue Strategy and Transformation
Nicola Classen Community Services
Paige Janzen Land Development
Spencer Rayner Community Services
Cecile Gudmundson Events
Robert Wright Community Services
John Caisse Community Services
Joshua Koturbash Community Services
Lindsey Mitchener Transportation and Construction
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Shelley Venne Events
Simon Tsui Community Services


Dec 7th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Tuesday December 7
Trever Honsberger Strategy and Transformation
Trent Murray Transportation and Construction
Christina Dolan Community Services
Shelley MacNeill Community Services
Kyle Young Community Services
Andrew Nimegeers Community Services
Carly Zadorozniak City Manager’s Office
Sherry DeBray Community Services
Glenda Taylor Transportation and Construction
Tracey Derbawka Corporate Financial Services
Mark Roesler Operations
David Kreiser Strategy and Transformation
Rusty Carlos Utilities and Environment
Shannon Goldsberry Support Services
Raina Dauvin Support Services
Rashenna Grzybowski Community Services
Jordan MacKenzie Utilities and Environment
Jasmohan Veer Singh Transportation and Construction
Daniel Rosowsky Community Services
Ryan Uhrmann Operations
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Shelley Wiebe Finance and Operations
Morgan Lorenz Support Services