Cupe 59 Election


CUPE Local 59 will be holding our Election on THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 2021 via ON-LINE VOTING

On-line voting was approved by the Membership at the CUPE 59 AGM held on October 3, 2020

and approved by CUPE National.

The nomination form Fillable Nomination Form 2021  must be returned (by email or in person) to the Union Office by

1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021.

The following positions are up for re-election:

Vice President

Recording Secretary

Area Vice President – Recreation & Community Development

Area Vice President – Police & Fire Protection Services and Remai Modern, TCU Place, SaskTel Centre

Trustee Position (3 year term)

Note:  All positions are for a 2 year term unless stated otherwise

As a reminder for the Area Vice President positions, you must work in the area in which you are submitting a nomination form, and only people working in, for example, Recreation & Community Development can vote for the Area Vice President of Recreation & Community Development.

Completed nomination forms need to be returned to the Union Office by 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021.

Signed forms can either be returned by email to or in person at the Union Office (call 306-652-6963 to arrange a drop-off time)

In Solidarity,

Judy Krause and Nils Sundby

Election Co-chairs

CUPE Local 59



Monday Dec 21: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Portades, Kristanie Sasktel Centre Box Office
Herreria, Christopher I Corporate Accounting
Smith, G.W. Cole Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Cote, Valerie Parks
Mowery, Michael  G In/Outdoor Pools
Spenst, Werner E In/Outdoor Pools
Molnar, Darren Remai Modern Art Gallery
Torreliza, Joyce TCU Place Events Guest Services
Kowalchuk, Michael  J Planning and Development
Hosaluk, Jason M Remai Modern Art Gallery
Blanchet, Jonathan Recreation and Sport
Horvath, Nicholas Recreation and Sport
Hoffman, Travis S Recreation and Sport
Allbright, John Office Buildings
Bandurka, David Parks
Kinnee, Tammy L TCU Place Events
Wiebe, Neil TCU Place Events Guest Services
Primeau, Kameron In/Outdoor Pools
James, Kristy M TCU Place Events Guest Services
Elechi, Frank Business Solutions Corporate

Tuesday Dec 22: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Guest, Ben Recreation and Sport
Lam, Shall Community Standards
Mettlewsky, Linda B Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Hlady, Shannon D Recreation and Sport
Taylor, Darla M Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Sibley, Jeremy A Real Estate
Schafer, Chelsie E Recreation and Sport
Wasylowich, Darrell S Project Services
Weckert, Sherilyn Sasktel Centre Box Office
Moen, Logan P Recreation Facilities
Palmer, Austin T Sasktel Centre Box Office
Bondarenko, Vlad In/Outdoor Pools
Kemp, Joshua Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Davison, Kelly N Recreation and Sport
Reclusado, Sherwin In/Outdoor Pools
Ilg, Ryan Recreation and Sport
Cockrum, Lindsay M Recreation and Sport
Laliberte, Lawrence Parks
Krozser, Belinda E Financial Partners, CY & Fire
Upton, Rod W TCU Place Events Maintenance

Wednesday Dec 23: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Probe, Jeremy J Recreation and Sport
Weenie, Trent R Parks
Cook, Simon Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Ens, Matthew In/Outdoor Pools
Bowering, Kevin S Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Hanson, Donald J Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Sick, Jason G Planning and Development
Hunter, John Richard Parks
Christianson, Leanne C Administration
Sora, April  Y Community Development
Edie, Dwayne A Fleet
Schell, Dale Parks
Campbell, Maggie Recreation and Sport
Clement, Kenneth Building Standards
Stewart, Erin Recreation and Sport
Matovich, Rachael Recreation and Sport
Rosin, Rachel Recreation and Sport
Mitchell, Matthew W Parks
Olson, Johanne L Building Standards
Sumagio, Junah Office Buildings

Thursday Dec 24: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Edighoffer, Lindsay TCU Place Sales
Isaak, Lisa Remai Modern Art Gallery
Isbister, Gabriel B Parks
Olfert, James D Land Development & Technical Services
Zhang, Li Business Administration
Nase, Derek S Recreation Facilities
Meikle, Lisa M Recreation and Sport
Mousseau, Derek In/Outdoor Pools
Frey, Nicholas R Recreation Facilities
Thomson, Connie M Recreation and Sport
Bueno, James In/Outdoor Pools
Nkunzimana, Romeo Corporate Revenue
Thiemann, Tracy Sasktel Centre Box Office
Rayray, Jose Remai Modern Art Gallery
Hyshka, David D Parks
Mohammad Gholi Beiki, Shadi Recreation and Sport
Hamilton, Carlee J Parks
Pocha, Timothy Recreation and Sport
Larson, Clayton W Parks
Lipka, Natasha A TCU Place Events Guest Services
Lucas, Barbara Corporate Revenue

Friday Dec 25:  Samsung 55” Smart 4K HDR TV (we will contact you for pickup arrangements)

Carnrike, Michael G Recreation Facilities
Morrison, Heather A Recreation and Sport


Friday Dec 18: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Zureviniski, Kyle G Remai Modern Art Gallery
Calix, Jasmine J Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Cameron, Guy G TCU Place Events Maintenance
Bondarenko, Ilona In/Outdoor Pools
Krawchuk, Kendall L Parks
Carpenter, Lianne R Supply Chain Management
Aubichon, Justin Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Guenther, Thomas Parks
Gallant, Terrence (Terry) Parks
Friesen, Madison Technology Infrastructure
Martin, Laurent In/Outdoor Pools
Letendre, Carey J Governance and Strategy
Mann, Jordan A Fusion Project
Mack, Gordon TCU Place Events Guest Services
Nguyen, Elisa-Ann L Recreation and Sport
Wurmlinger, Justin Assessment and Taxation
Bunker, Carl Parks
McHarg, Kim D Building Standards
Sidhu, Jagdeep S Preservation & Inspections
Andrew, Ashley D Corporate Revenue

Saturday Dec 19: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Holmes, Garry J Emergency Management
Bubnick, Truman Recreation and Sport
Chartier, Amy Parks
Harlton, Saydi L Recreation and Sport
McNab, Donna Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
York, Braydon Assessment and Taxation
Skalicky, Dillon S Preservation & Inspections
Bartko, Terry H In/Outdoor Pools
Samayoa, Juan G Recreation Facilities
Honoroski, Shantell Parks
Schneider, Jillian R Supply Chain Management
Sundby, Nils J Parks
La Marre, Rebecca Remai Modern Art Gallery
Shirzai, Shayna R Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Hossain, Kazi Sarwar Office Buildings
Casignia, Joveth S Office Buildings
Swiftwolfe, Vernelle Parks
DeBray, Sherry L Community Development
Chartier, Camille J Parks
Fisher, Pamela B Parks

Sunday Dec 20: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Capuz, Diones C In/Outdoor Pools
Feheregyhazi, Andrei Remai Modern Art Gallery
Berschaminski, Ron T Office Buildings
Varghese, Jobin In/Outdoor Pools
Powell, Shelley  L Corporate Revenue
Freistadt, Nevada Remai Modern Art Gallery
Cui, Wei M Technology Infrastructure
Lebiszczak, Jason D Recreation and Sport
Blondin, Karen F Recreation and Sport
Marotta, Aniello Parks
Majorenos, Noel G Office Buildings
Benolkin, Ray S In/Outdoor Pools
Ma, Junyuan Business Solutions Corporate
Sun, Yinshe Governance and Strategy
Henry, Rachel M Corporate Revenue
Garritty, Brendan Saskatoon Land
O’Brien, J. Jeffrey Administration
Spykerman, Chad L Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Taras, Georgina J A In/Outdoor Pools
Schlosser, Theresa A Corporate Revenue


Thursday Dec 17: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Parenteau, Joseph K Parks
Bubnick, Teryn Recreation and Sport
Ridge, Alexandra M Land Development & Design
Rayner, Spencer S Recreation and Sport
Heinbigner, Megan Community Standards
Bender, Kristin D Building Standards
Zimmerman, Taylor B Parks
Landell, Brenda Recreation and Sport
Neufeld, Walter Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Wong, Kaitlin Remai Modern Art Gallery
Clewes, Bill J Recreation and Sport
Hardy, Chelsea D Fusion Project
Pineda, Hilario Larry B Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Fusco, Terry J Land Development & Design
Grenier, Gerald TCU Place Events Maintenance
Sommerfeld, Nathan J Project Services
Von Biela, Carole L Recreation and Sport
Slorstad, Linsey A Community Development
Johnson, Cody  J TCU Place Events Guest Services
Rahman, Mohammad F In/Outdoor Pools


Wednesday December 16: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Uhryn, Natasha Recreation and Sport
Rostata, Rolando Recreation Facilities
Saccucci, Keith A Transportation
Turner, Kelsey S Recreation and Sport
Haubrich, Dawn L Land Development & Technical Services
Bechard, Julie Assessment and Taxation
Regalado, Joseph In/Outdoor Pools
Ogenchuk, Anna P Recreation Facilities
Lummerding, Paul A Program Facilities
Langdon, Kelly D Parks
Kaszas, Austin J Parks
Sirois, Rick In/Outdoor Pools
Warrington, Lauren Remai Modern Art Gallery
Braaten, Lorilee D Parks
Ford, Brent G Recreation and Sport
Caisse, Sheldon W Parks
Hong, Eunji Recreation and Sport
Culbert, Jeffery Remai Modern Art Gallery
Rurak, Brad G Building Standards
Newnham, Yvonne L Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff


Tuesday December 15: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Grant, Kellie I Planning and Development
Becker, Michael S Maintenance Support
Anderson, Brent J Project Services
Welter, Carla A Parks
Kokott, Debra J Recreation and Sport
Pierlot, Evan  A Program Facilities
Lemke, Josh W TCU Place Events Guest Services
Greyeyes, Darrel J Parks
Mykytyzyn, Brody Community Standards
Reid, Maurice A Parks
Castro, Will Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Lam, Frank T TCU Place Events Maintenance
Patterson, David A Preservation & Inspections
Proskuryakova, Liliya Office Buildings
Bonter, Derek W Technology Infrastructure
Dancer, Genoa Parks
Pascoe, William C Recreation Facilities
Stobbs, Christy M Assessment and Taxation
Sakowsky, Nicole F Recreation Facilities
Li, Hualin Program Facilities


Monday December 14: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Hebig, Trevor A Building Standards
Herasymuik, Chelsea Community Standards
Obchansky, Shawn T Assessment and Taxation
Odigie, Osagioduwa Recreation and Sport
Mukti, Shamima S Office Buildings
Conway, Lori L TCU Place Events Guest Services
Cody, John Recreation and Sport
Bowles, Sydney E Recreation and Sport
Berry, Andrea M TCU Place Business Administration
Soloway, Erinn E Land Development & Technical Services
Turner, Patrick R Parks
Netmaker, Garvin Parks
Harmon, Bruce R Recreation and Sport
Severight, Alvin J Recreation and Sport
Gray, Krista D Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Strugnell, Joseph R Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Wunder-Buhr, Tanda N Building Standards
Balisky, Olivia Parks
Yang, Fan Technology Infrastructure
Kozlow, Jayy C Recreation Facilities


Friday December 11th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Lara, Cesar L Recreation Facilities
Chovin, Brad TCU Place Events Maintenance
Kolosnjaji, Vladimir Planning and Development
Brake, Liam Recreation and Sport
Sendecki, Nikki D Preservation & Inspections
Ewen, Michael J Community Standards
Sader, Rhonda M Recreation and Sport
Gendron, Nicole Administration
Schultz, Lindsay L Sasktel Centre Operations
Quayle, Sharon R Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Poochay, Twana M Corporate Revenue
Zunti, Emily  A Parks
Cruz, Rey J Corporate Revenue
Schroeder, Tyson J Parks
English, Marika Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Young, Kyle O Parks
Hindley, Kristen P Recreation and Sport
Graham, Jeffrey W Parks
Rendall, Shelby P TCU Place Events Guest Services
Neufeld, Arthur L Governance and Strategy

Saturday December 12th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Hood, Amy Remai Modern Art Gallery
Rybchinski, Gordon N Parks
Samelo, Mark Anthony L In/Outdoor Pools
Kinar, David G Parks
Santoro, Adam Parks
Parselelo, Brian S Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Robinson, Richard Jeffrey Assessment and Taxation
Beveridge, Zack F Fleet
Nontell, Karen I Sasktel Centre Box Office
Egland, Martina M Service Saskatoon
Lefley, Russell T Parks
Holden, William J Planning and Development
Macadaeg, Dwight In/Outdoor Pools
Licay, Billie N TCU Place Events Maintenance
Kulpa, Wally J Corporate Revenue
Spelay, Darren M Parks
Materie, Patricia J Parks
Voulgaris, George Fleet
Smith, Lee T Planning and Development
Obidiya, Oladunni T Preservation & Inspections

Sunday December 13th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Warren, Douglas H Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Reclusado, Elivie G Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Lariviere, Hillary Corporate Revenue
Hermez, Shawn Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Pozniak, Ashley Parks
Hrappstead, Monty E Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Thompson, Brian Parks
Usaraga, Lief Mark In/Outdoor Pools
Bouvier, Richard  A Office Buildings
Chartier, Patricia J Community Standards
Patrick, Jacqueline Corporate Revenue
Davis, Christine C Corporate Revenue
Darapiza, Daniel Parks
Semenoff, Samantha Recreation and Sport
Bradley, Bevin  A Remai Modern Art Gallery
Torgerson, Blair A Sasktel Centre Operations
Pocha, Scott M In/Outdoor Pools
Fleming-Holowaty, Bonnie Corporate Revenue
Hiebert, Marvin L Parks
Romanuck, Mary E Parks


Thursday December 10: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Davis, Christopher Office Buildings
Vavrik, Abigail TCU Place Events Guest Services
Afseth, Tanner Recreation Facilities
Monks, Maddison M Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Kalthoff, Tronne Governance and Strategy
Skilligstad, Corrina J TCU Place Events Guest Services
Miller, Elisabeth Planning and Development
Silbernagel, Jordan L TCU Place Events Guest Services
Nepomuceno, Kenshien C Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Ramos, Luis In/Outdoor Pools
Perillat, Riley  A Parks
Falconer, James D Office Buildings
de Wit, Johanna Grace Planning and Development
Karol, Randy A Corporate Revenue
Pepin, Lorraine B In/Outdoor Pools
Landrie, Dennis W Office Buildings
De Leon, Jose Ma Munoz Technology Infrastructure
Tizhoosh, Maedeh Parks
Folkersen, Keith B Planning and Development
Duquette, Bruce Parks


Wednesday December 9th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Marta, Alyssa M Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Heidecker, Ryan L Project Services
Basnayaka, Pubudu Governance and Strategy
Busch, Avery J Land Development & Technical Services
Ivanco, Jordan I. Parks
Rauw, Kristina R Community Standards
Lothian, Austin Land Development & Technical Services
Santha, Jalene A Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Robertson, Ian Municipal Engineering Services
Michell, Jennifer L Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Adams, Kelly J Service Saskatoon
Ortiz, Ralph Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Gudmundson, Cecile TCU Place Events Guest Services
Cullen, Gerard TCU Place Sales
Sotnikow, Mike R Recreation and Sport
Jiwa, Aliya Recreation and Sport
Dobrohoczki, Philip H Land Development & Technical Services
Bartholomew, Robert J Parks
Valenti, Gabriele G Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Down, Dennis Supply Chain Management