Dec 18th – 19th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Saturday December 18
Amanda Gustafson Community Services
Josh Lemke Events
Shaw Dunn Community Services
Terri Smith Community Services
Kyle Macdonald Community Services
Efemena Agbaragu Strategy and Transformation
Sarah Radke Strategy and Transformation
Debbie Aldous-Ibbitson Marketing
Kevin Simpson Strategy and Transformation
Michael Wagner Utilities and Environment
Albert Leduc Strategy and Transformation
Dylan Carlson Strategy and Transformation
Loriann Graff Utilities and Environment
Nicholas Horvath Community Services
Suk Ghaley Community Services
Brittany Bakensztos Support Services
Caroline Grisdale Community Services
William Hus Community Services
Bogumila Pfeil Support Services
Ali Mastoor Utilities and Environment
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Linsey Slorstad Community Services
Angelique Justiniani Corporate Financial Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Sunday December 19
Diane Prokop Community Services
Stanley Odoka Strategy and Transformation
Tanda Daughton Utilities and Environment
Deza-Ray Cummins Utilities and Environment
Michelle Trimble Finance and Ticketing
Arthur Neufeld Strategy and Transformation
Lisa McLeod Support Services
Colin Gibson Community Services
Darcy Rose Operations
Natalie Earl Community Services
Caleb Dueck Programs and Curation
Rhonda Sader Community Services
Michael Becker Utilities and Environment
Cindy Cooke Community Services
Kobe Kindrachuk Community Services
Marlin Cannam Utilities and Environment
Gary Kelley Community Services
Janice Lasuita Community Services
Lynn Piche Support Services
George Voulgaris Transportation and Construction
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Malcolm Scott Utilities and Environment
Wilfred Magkasi Community Services