Dec 14th – 15th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Tuesday December 14
Lorraine Pepin Utilities and Environment
Myrna Rennie Strategy and Transformation
Fraser Grant Community Services
Cerwin De Sotto Community Services
Melissa Bruce Community Services
Chad Thomson Utilities and Environment
Ashley Boyer Support Services
Mary Jane Uy Utilities and Environment
Karen Farmer Support Services
Paula Johnston Corporate Financial Services
Steven Swanson Utilities and Environment
Douglas Drader Community Services
Ruth Werner Support Services
Jamie Snider Operations
Jessica Kuzyk Community Services
Joemarie Cortes Corporate Financial Services
Kimberly Simon Finance and Ticketing
William Emery Strategy and Transformation
Shamima Mukti Utilities and Environment
Lindsay Schultz Operations
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Brant Morrow Community Services
Brooke Dobko Community Services
$50 Co-op Gift Card Wednesday December 15
El Nino Anthony Coralde Operations
Jarret Mosterd Transportation and Construction
Tracy Martin Utilities and Environment
Anastasia Conly Community Services
Lawrence Laliberte Community Services
Pamela Fisher Community Services
Leanne Christianson Transportation and Construction
Nancy Gauthier Strategy and Transformation
Tim Delaney Events
Kyle Dempster Transportation and Construction
Lesley Severson Utilities and Environment
Ray Tabalbag Operations
Rachel Henry Corporate Financial Services
Toni Roque Community Services
Laurel Boerma Programs and Curation
Dylan Koshman Community Services
Li Zhang Community Services
Deborah Androsoff City Manager’s Office
Destin Astrope Strategy and Transformation
Philip Dobrohoczki Transportation and Construction
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Cindy LaBrash Events
Erin McFarland Community Services