Dec 7th winners list:

$50 Co-op Gift Card Tuesday December 7
Trever Honsberger Strategy and Transformation
Trent Murray Transportation and Construction
Christina Dolan Community Services
Shelley MacNeill Community Services
Kyle Young Community Services
Andrew Nimegeers Community Services
Carly Zadorozniak City Manager’s Office
Sherry DeBray Community Services
Glenda Taylor Transportation and Construction
Tracey Derbawka Corporate Financial Services
Mark Roesler Operations
David Kreiser Strategy and Transformation
Rusty Carlos Utilities and Environment
Shannon Goldsberry Support Services
Raina Dauvin Support Services
Rashenna Grzybowski Community Services
Jordan MacKenzie Utilities and Environment
Jasmohan Veer Singh Transportation and Construction
Daniel Rosowsky Community Services
Ryan Uhrmann Operations
$125 Local Discovery Package Gift Cards
Shelley Wiebe Finance and Operations
Morgan Lorenz Support Services