Friday December 11th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Lara, Cesar L Recreation Facilities
Chovin, Brad TCU Place Events Maintenance
Kolosnjaji, Vladimir Planning and Development
Brake, Liam Recreation and Sport
Sendecki, Nikki D Preservation & Inspections
Ewen, Michael J Community Standards
Sader, Rhonda M Recreation and Sport
Gendron, Nicole Administration
Schultz, Lindsay L Sasktel Centre Operations
Quayle, Sharon R Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Poochay, Twana M Corporate Revenue
Zunti, Emily  A Parks
Cruz, Rey J Corporate Revenue
Schroeder, Tyson J Parks
English, Marika Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Young, Kyle O Parks
Hindley, Kristen P Recreation and Sport
Graham, Jeffrey W Parks
Rendall, Shelby P TCU Place Events Guest Services
Neufeld, Arthur L Governance and Strategy

Saturday December 12th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Hood, Amy Remai Modern Art Gallery
Rybchinski, Gordon N Parks
Samelo, Mark Anthony L In/Outdoor Pools
Kinar, David G Parks
Santoro, Adam Parks
Parselelo, Brian S Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Robinson, Richard Jeffrey Assessment and Taxation
Beveridge, Zack F Fleet
Nontell, Karen I Sasktel Centre Box Office
Egland, Martina M Service Saskatoon
Lefley, Russell T Parks
Holden, William J Planning and Development
Macadaeg, Dwight In/Outdoor Pools
Licay, Billie N TCU Place Events Maintenance
Kulpa, Wally J Corporate Revenue
Spelay, Darren M Parks
Materie, Patricia J Parks
Voulgaris, George Fleet
Smith, Lee T Planning and Development
Obidiya, Oladunni T Preservation & Inspections

Sunday December 13th: (gift cards will be mailed out to home addresses)

Warren, Douglas H Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Reclusado, Elivie G Shaw Centre/Spray/Paddling Pools
Lariviere, Hillary Corporate Revenue
Hermez, Shawn Sasktel Centre Event Attendants
Pozniak, Ashley Parks
Hrappstead, Monty E Police CUPE 59 Civilian Staff
Thompson, Brian Parks
Usaraga, Lief Mark In/Outdoor Pools
Bouvier, Richard  A Office Buildings
Chartier, Patricia J Community Standards
Patrick, Jacqueline Corporate Revenue
Davis, Christine C Corporate Revenue
Darapiza, Daniel Parks
Semenoff, Samantha Recreation and Sport
Bradley, Bevin  A Remai Modern Art Gallery
Torgerson, Blair A Sasktel Centre Operations
Pocha, Scott M In/Outdoor Pools
Fleming-Holowaty, Bonnie Corporate Revenue
Hiebert, Marvin L Parks
Romanuck, Mary E Parks