Feb 2019 Updates


Collective Agreement

CUPE 59 is working with the City on our new Collective Agreement for 2017 – 2018.  Once we have a signed copy, it will be posted on our website at www.cupe59.ca under Resources.


Area Meeting Reminder

Please find attached the schedule for our February, 2019 Area Meetings.

If you cannot attend your Area Meeting, feel free to attend at another location.


Seniority List

The seniority list as of February 15, 2019 is attached and will be posted on the website under Resources.

Executive Compensation Committee

At the CUPE 59 Annual General Meeting on October 13, 2019, a motion was presented and passed to:

Establish an Ad-Hoc Committee to research funding options for Executive Board positions.  The Committee shall present recommendation(s) by April 30, 2019 to the Executive Board.  The Committee is to consist of three (3) members of the Executive Board, including the Secretary-Treasurer and three (3) non-executive members appointed by the Executive Board.

          The Committee’s function shall be to:

  • Research funding strategies in union locals of similar size
  • Determine if positions should be compensated
  • Determine which positions should be compensated
  • Determine the amount of compensation (e.g. benefits, pension, wage)
  • Report on the financial implications of the recommendation

An expression of interest for the Committee was sent to the membership on November 27, 2018. Interviews and selection process was held on January 10th, 2019. We are happy to announce that the 3 Executive and 3 Non-Executive members have been selected.


Executive Members

Stacy Sokalofsky – Secretary Treasurer

Eric Calaguian – Area Vice President Corporate Performance/Asset & Financial Management

Kevin Ariss – Area Vice President Community Services (except Parks)


Non- Executive Members

Sarah Binnie – Parks

Scott Jackson – Facilities Management

David Godwin – Recreation and Community Development

Thank you to all who expressed interest in the being involved in the Committee


On December 5th, 2018 CUPE 59 sent a bargaining survey to all members to collect information and feedback for the next round of bargaining. To date, approximately 600 members have completed this survey. Our intent is to get the bargaining table as soon as possible and use the information provided to formulate our bargaining proposals. The Bargaining Survey is on www.cupe59.ca under News.  The CUPE 59 Executive Committee has requested bargaining dates for the week of March 11, 2019.


Leisure Cards

There is a pilot program for CUPE 59 employees to increase the discount from 25% to 50% for Individual and Family Leisure passes.  CUPE 59 employees also receive 25% on Bulk tickets (poster attached).

This pilot program is now in effect and will expire on September 30, 2019 unless renewed by the parties.

The terms of who is eligible for the discount, are CUPE 59 employees have to be working with the City for three (3) consecutive months.  Employee status must be active when applying for the subsidization. These are the original terms of eligibility when the Leisure card discount was first put in place.



  • CUPE 59 Elections will take place on Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • The following positions are up for election:
    • General Vice President
    • Recording Secretary
    • AVP Community Services (except Parks)
    • AVP Police & Fire
    • Trustee – 3 year term


Remai Modern Art Gallery CUPE 59 Event

Sunday, April 7th from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at the Remai Modern Art Gallery.

This event is FREE to all CUPE 59 Members and their immediate family!

CUPE 59 members check-in at the admissions desk for your FREE ticket.


All the galleries will be open for you and your family to enjoy.

Tours at 1:00 pm and family tours at 2:00 pm.

There will be a free art-making activity in the Learning Studio.

Street parking is FREE on Sundays as is the parking lot at the end of Saunders Place. Underground parkade is an option as well (for payment).

Check out the wonderful space and numerous galleries with CUPE 59 covering the cost!


CUPE 59 Golf Tournament

Saturday, June 8 – more details to follow.


Forestry Farm Fun Day

Sunday, June 23 – more details to follow.


In Solidarity,

Executive Committee

CUPE Local 59