Election Candidates 2018

Stan Macala
Al Ross
Philip Thorne

Gaye Sheppard
Stacy Sokalofsky

Area Vice President, Corporate Performance/Asset and Financial Management
Eric Calaguian
Sylvain Corriveau

Area vice President, Boards and CY Parks
Jeff Boone
Shane Prpich

Area Vice President, Police and Fire Protection Services – 1 year term
Jasmine Calix
Sharon Schaefer

Trustee – 3 year term
Laurie Pilkey
Karen Zunti

The below excerpt is found in the 2015 AGM Package on page 8 (2014 AGM Minutes). These Minutes were passed at the 2015 AGM by the CUPE 59 membership and the Bylaws were approved by CUPE National.

The following is a Bylaw amendment submitted by the Executive Committee:
14.1 Nomination
c) Beginning in 2005, Area Vice Presidents shall be elected by the group they represent, i.e. Police staff members can only vote for Police Staff Area Vice President, I.S. staff members can only vote for I.S. Area Vice President.

14.3 Installation
d) Area Vice Presidents shall be elected for two (2) year terms beginning in 2002 and 2003.
The areas to be represented shall be as follows:
1) Area I – Corporate Services (2002) Corporate Performance and Asset & Financial Management (2002)
2) Area 2 – Community Services (2003) Except Parks
3) Area 3 – Infrastructure Services (except Infrastructure Services, Parks Branch) (2002)
Transportation and Utilities; Clerks and Solicitors (2002)
4) Area 4 – Saskatoon Police Service and Fire (2003) All staff in Building (2003)
5) Area 5 – Other Boards Parks and Boards – Mendel Art Gallery, Sask Place (Credit Union Centre), Centennial Auditorium (TCU Place)
all staff and Infrastructure Services, Parks Branch (2002).

 Brother David Godwin (CY) asked for clarification on the official names of Departments and City Facilities. Brother Macala stated that the official “legal” names of each facility are in the Bylaws. The sponsored names will be updated if required. The recent changes to the department names will be checked and adjusted accordingly.

Motion: David McKee Seconded: Jeff Boone