Pre-Retirement Planning Presentation – May 3, 2017

CUPE Local 59 Executive has co-ordinated a Pre-Retirement Planning Presentation by the Benefits Section from the City of Saskatoon.
The presentation is approximately two hours in length. The content is geared towards members of CUPE 59 who are considering retirement within the next five years but all CUPE 59 members are welcome. Please feel free to bring your spouse or partner. Members will learn about:
• Planning for retirement
• Choosing your retirement date
• How your retirement benefit is calculated under the City of Saskatoon General Superannuation Plan
• Steps in the retirement process
• Retirement benefit payment options
• Options for continuing group life insurance and Blue Cross Benefits
• Provincial and federal income taxes,
• Severance payouts; and
• Old Age Security and updated Canada Pension Plan benefits
This presentation will be held at City Council Chambers, City Hall on Wednesday, May 3, 2017
from 5:15 pm – 7:15 pm. Pizza and refreshments will be provided.
Please RSVP to or call 306-652-6963 before Monday, May 1.
If you have any questions, please call the CUPE 59 office at 306-652-6963 or Stan Macala, President at 306-230-1170.

Maintenance Committee asking for Alternate

CUPE 59 is needing to appoint an alternate for the Maintenance Committee. We are looking for a member who would be interested in being the alternate for the Union’s side of the Maintenance Committee. We do not know what the actual time commitment would be. The alternate would have to attend any training sessions set-up for the Committee.

The actual role of the alternate would be to replace an absent JJEMC member. The alternate shall be granted leave with pay and without loss of seniority for periods of time spent working on the Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee (JJEMC).

The member should possess the skills needed to work within committee environments where consensus decisions need to be made.

Please notify our Office by April 7, 2017 (, if you are interested in being an alternate on the Maintenance Committee.




Dear CUPE 59 Members,


Our current Collective Agreement expires at the end of December, 2016. The CUPE 59 Executive is seeking a fair negotiated settlement that addresses the priorities of our members.


Below are the survey results (533 surveys completed but not all questions were answered)




Not Applicable Not Important     Important Very


Improvements for shift differential 274 100 89 70
Improved job/employment security 27 78 215 200
Deferred Salary (ie. Work for 4 years at reduced salary to take the 5th year off with reduced salary) 81 220 163 52
Improving Family/Pressing Necessity

Leave (ie: care for sick child or parent)

22 56 215 227
Improved Vacation Benefits 25 75 236 195
Improved Compassionate Leave 5 107 239 169
JJE Equal value objective – equal pay for work of equal value (page 128 of the CA) 39 85 237 156
Increase Wellness Benefits (employee currently gets a 25% subsidy off the purchase of a Leisure Card) 15 153 206 147
Clothing & Protective Equipment Allowance/Boot Allowance 179 94 150 98
Covering the Education Leave/Leave of Absence Policy in the Collective Agreement 41 139 224 113




Blue Cross

The following are benefit improvements for Blue Cross as of January 1, 2016:

Increase massage, chiropractor, physio therapy and four other paramedical categories coverage to $400 Increase Vision exams to $135 Dental Increase to 85% for Basic and 65% for Major Orthotics Raise to $500 coverage   Add cost of Hearing Aid fitting into the Hearing aid benefit (within the allowable $2500 every 5 years).